I was making a cup of tea when I thought

I was making a cup of tea when I thought

I want to have kids,
To have my own house
And play with my two children
And cook them toast and eggs
On a Saturday morning,
Just like today,
As we watch cartoons on the couch.

I want to be married,
And love one man with all of my strength,
Tuck our children into bed,
And talk over mugs of wine and The Late Show.

I want to have a job,
And come home to my husband
And tell him a joke I heard from Josh, the new guy,
And how annoying Nancy was this morning,
And how my work is finally being published.

But I can’t do that in a moment
Like I can make this cup of tea.
So for now I’ll steep this bag
And be thankful that I have a second,
In my youth,
To enjoy a cup of tea.



When your heart aches,
and the tears form in your eyes,
look to the sun and remember:
Prayers are answered.

I love him,
and though I know he hasn’t looked my way,
I boldly smile anyhow because I know:
Prayers are answered.

My arms flying around my best friend.
My world is brighter when she is by my side.
I know in my heart she is God’s gift to me because:
Prayers are answered.

And though I could weep as I think about my Nana,
and pray to God for one more day to love her still,
I believe: 
Prayers are answered. 

Our God is the greatest.
He has conquered all.

For Emma

It breaks my heart to know you’re hurting.
You, once rocked in your mother’s arms,
who grabbed onto love without knowing what it was,
and was fed compassion with slight request.

Just as then you cry in need,
and who is there to satisfy you?

You are pure, babe.
You are beautiful in your desire.
You are just in your cause.
You are pure, babe.

When your basin has dripped dry 
come to my well.
He refills me, and I will refill you.
He loves me, I love you,
and He loves you.

Come, drink. 
We’ll mend the tears in your sleeves,
and warm you by the fireside with stories and metaphors.
You’ll realize your strength.

The Earth does not roll. 
It is turned.
As my heart beats another second passes, 
another night I sleep,
another sun greets me when I rise.

Time is incidental, a casualty.

So, go! Love! Be loved!
I have learned nothing other than this.

Friendship (to me)

So you’ve won

the Kayla-lotto,

I’ll give you my heart in full.

I’ll bet you ten whole dollars

you’ve never been loved this way before.

I’ll sing you songs, I’ll write you poems,

I’ll call you on the telephone.

Oh, you’ve never been loved this way before.

You’ve never, never been loved this way before.


Everyday Angela went to the water and talked for hours to the glittering pool of beauty. The lake before her, and the sun bearing down on her believing eyes, the crisp wind surrounded her, answering her prayers and questions. The dark, wild green trees guarded her every endeavor.

Passerbys would snicker at her foolishness. They giggled and progressed into their inevitable ignorance.

Everyday, still, Angela went to the water. She believed. Everyday the beaming ray of warmth penetrated her with unconditional love, returning her loyalty. He was always faithful. She was never alone.